● 1st June 2020 – Art

Last month, when it was looking like we were in peak craziness of the coronavirus lockdown, we got asking the question; what version of life would you like to rejoin?

Since then, a whole lot more has changed and we’ve seen the desire for a better civilisation been put into action. With everything that’s happening around us, it’s clear that people desperately want a better, more balanced life, for everyone. We’re firm believers that creativity can be used as a tool for processing thought, and channelling it into ammunition for change.

There are positive moments to come.


As you’ll experience below, people of different backgrounds and disciplines rolled up their sleeves and got creative in quarantine. We were taken back by the number of entries we received, from local bands expressing their music with multimedia to highly respected artists and designers using their craft reflectively.

If you got involved, BABMAG & KRUCIBLE thank you – keep acting on your imaginations of you-topia.

Jon Burgerman — Donut Town (@jonburgerman)

Jus Gana (@jusgana)

Bonus Prize (@bonusprize)

Dick Sweeney — Top of the Beanstalk (@dicksweeney)

VJ Ultra (@vjultra)

Cal Barnes — A Quieter Place (@cal.dontfret.bab)

Coys1 — A Brighter Day (@coys1)

Adam Wynn (@ripitup_startagain)

‘A triptych of handmade collages titled Red, Yellow & Blue’.
The pieces were chosen based on the primary colours – something that is familiar and provides foundation.  The fragmented and diverging elements represent life as we now know it.’

Epod (@epod3000)

Ryan Killeen — Freedom of Movement (@_ryankill)

Si Wingfield — Back to Basics Utopia (@wingy.uk)

Mark Murphy (@mark_moif)

‘there has been so much more quiet and less people, I’m wishfully imagining a future safely bringing us moments to share big sounds with lots of people.’

Lucky Pablo (@_lucky_pablo)

‘Our post-corona utopia is one in which we don’t lose the few positives which have come from this period of lockdown: where we continue to hold a heightened sense of community; where we might take things at a slower pace than before the pandemic; and where the creative energy we’ve seen during this time continues to grow.’

Will Barras (@will__barras)

Paul Monsters (@paulmonsters)

Craig Earp (@craigearp)

Karen Garland (@queeniegarland)

John Bennett (@johnbennettcollage)

HAQ123 (@haq123band)

‘You-Topia from HAQ-123,  a local sludgy metal band featuring an 11yr old singer, a 12yr old drummer and a …slightly older bass player.’

Posh One (@poshzeroone)

REM — Dance Planet (@creme.dela.rem)

Stygian — The Comforts of Social Distancing (@caigearp & @iwalkadifferentpath)

Zeke Clough (@Zeke Clough)

Mose78 (@Mose78uk)

NVRASIR (@nvrasir)

Josie White (@2ptjosie)

‘I’ve gone down the route of words we hear every day that probably does our head in, and may give us a bit of anxiety or a mini corona induced PTSD…’

iwalkadifferentpath (@ewalkadifferentpath)

‘The thought behind my piece is that during this lockdown time and days have become merged and fluid with plans changing constantly through powers outside of our control, so moving forward from this we should know that the moment is the only thing we have a hold on and we should live fully within it as the next is not promised.’

Craig Earp & That Bloke Wilson (@craigearp & @thatblokewilson)

Liskbot (@liskbot)

Anna Forsstrum Morris (@anna_in_wonder)

Sarah Crotty (@sarah_crotty_)

‘This is a collage comprised of books I’ve read and photographs I have taken around Birmingham during lockdown…
 It’s a post-corona world where there is a heightened awareness of everything. Whether that be cleanliness (the omnipresent hand sanitiser) or whether it is constant government surveillance (the overarching skyrise over the regular houses). 
This collage, although may appear more dystopic than utopic, is an attempt to find unity in these binary positions and to work out a way to piece together the fragmentation Covid-19 evokes.
Dark times do not have to result in dark art.’

David Rowan (@section_8)

SP zero 76 (@spzero76)

Teejai James (@official90six)

‘The story behind my submission is how the world is able to control the virus in unison. I have created virus cells in bubbles to show how the world is no longer infected. I thought it would be cool to play around with a computer’s interface and add a custom “anti-virus” installer.’

Miasma — noTopia (@miasmacreations)

Boswell — Lonesome Fortress (@mutartis)

Trevor Yates (@bassape)

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