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Chinese New Year is fast approaching and people across the world anticipate welcoming in the year of the Tiger on 1st of February.

The year of the Tiger is believed to bring big changes and the characteristics associated with it are competitive, strength, great willpower, braveness and self-confidence.

The Chinese Zodiac also cycles through elemental types which makes this year the year of the Water Tiger.

Water years are seen as much more emotional and Water Tigers are seen to be family-orientated with the goal to be the best for everyone.

Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter is located in the Southside District and is one of the largest Chinese business regions in the UK. Starting in the 1960s, Chinatown has brought Asian cuisines to the city and feature architecture with a Chinese influence.

In usual years, Chinese New Year in Birmingham would be welcomed in with lion and dragon dances, Shaolin Warriors, fan and umbrella dances and much more.

However, in Birmingham the Chinese Festival Committee Birmingham have made the difficult decision to move celebrations online for a further year due to coronavirus cases. Nevertheless, the Chinese Festival Committee Birmingham have put plans in place to ensure some celebrations still go ahead.

The organisers said:

“Unfortunately, due to the new variant of Covid-19 “Omicron”, we do not want to risk public safety by bringing the festival to the streets of Birmingham.

Instead, we hope to celebrate Chinese New Year with you in the comforts of your own home yet again with an online celebration on Saturday 5th February @ 5pm

Southside (Birmingham Chinatown) will still be open during this time so please take the time to visit Chinatown and enjoy the great food and venues it has to offer. (who knows? You may even spot some tigers and dancing lions along the way)

Please invite your friends and family as we welcome the year of the Tiger!”

For a chance to feature in the live event, the Chinese Festival Committee Birmingham are asking the people of Birmingham to send in a Chinese New Year greeting to their Whatsapp or email to enquiries@grandtourgroup.com.

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