● 4th March 2020 – Fashion

UK based, sustainable clothing brand Lucy and Yak break the silence on a taboo to bring the Vulva Capsule Collection to our bodies. ‘N’ guess what? It highlights vulvas, vulvas and more vulvas!

The lack of vulva talk in the arts and media probed Sanna Suvi, a UK based artist and designer to produce the Vulva Print, which then became the starting point for Lucy and Yak. Through the collection they want to push for normalisation of conversations surrounding vulvas, vaginas, gynaecological anatomy and periods, as it can take years for women to properly understand their reproductive system.

Lucy and Yak BABMAGWith the collection being a symbolic move to break down the taboo around the female genitalia, each purchase from the collection will equal one pack of period products donated to one of two charities in the United Kingdom that aid women in need; Freedom 4 Girls in Leeds and The Homeless Period in Brighton.

Additionally, 5% of all sales from the Vulva Capsule Collection will be donated to The Eve Appeal, the only UK national charity funding research that raises awareness and funds for the prevention and early detection of the five gynaecological cancers – womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.

Lucy and Yak’s ethos is based on a fair pay for all its workers, whilst producing clothes of exceptional quality that lessens their carbon footprint. Made by the gifted hands of tailors based in the brand’s factory in Rajasthan, India, the brand has launched fully sustainable articles of clothing made out of recycled plastic bottles in the recent years, and is continuously working towards eradicating plastic from use at any point in the production and distribution.

Lucy and Yak BABMAGThe launch of the collection was celebrated in the Lucy and Yak brick and mortar store located in Brighton. Here, they had a panel talk discussing all things vaginas, vulva diversity and the hard truths of period poverty. The event created a platform for in-depth education and awareness of womanhood, topped off with a wonderfully blunt doorway installation mimicking a vagina.

Ultimately, the team at Lucy and Yak want to probe and inspire open conversations about the diversity of female anatomy through the Vulva Capsule Collection, where no one is shameful or embarrassed, but rather proud and honest about their bodies.

Visit Lucy and Yak for more information.



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