● 16th April 2021 – Music

Continuing his monthly release run, Tony Bontana blesses fans with more music, fresh on the heels of last month’s LAGEYE.

The ever charismatic rapper / producer treats listeners to a bite-sized snack and releases four track EP, Faceless via Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

From start to finish we’re filled with delicious loops, honest raps (no doubt cherry-picked with love from Bontana’s lengthy catalogue) and he seamlessly hits home with minimal swing. 


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From minute uno we’re teleported into the world of Tony Bontana, a calming sample of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star looms, then disappears into thin air and Self Sabotage begins. 

“Enter my zone, into the daytime isolate myself now my brain’s fried thinking what’s right tryna save mine”

Endorphins offers a glimpse of hope for Bontana as he likens the man upstairs creeping into his brain like endorphins and asks; is God stress relief? It might just be in Tony’s case. The third track, Til the Morning, is a straight vibe, it begins the same way a mid-naughties, indie pop song would – recurring kick drum and instant reload value.

Sounding like a Phoenix emerging from the fire, Tony admits he’s lucky to be alive after a near death experience but now his darker days are in the distance. In the track he manages to keep confident and humorous with the lines like:

“Love to my darlings, can’t rate a man if I see him drinking Carling”

The outro, Fraudulent is a glorious victory lap and celebrates the completion of the new man Tony Bontana has become. There has been a lot of growth in many aspects by the sounds of things, family, friendships and finding himself. He alludes to his heavy-handed way of releasing; likening his listeners to addicts “Distributing music like it’s brown, give it one taste I bet they’ll come round”.

We loved this EP and will be awaiting more heat from the man himself.

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