● 19th March 2020 – Art

The Midlands Art Centre, more commonly know as the MAC, are showing The Disability Arts Movement exhibition – a collection of works, narrated by activists who have been fighting against the marginalisation of disabled people since the 90s.

The movement lead to the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act in 1995, after the tireless campaigning of around 100,000 demonstrators.

Running for a 10 week period, BABMAG went along to see what the exhibition had to offer and to broaden our understanding of disability and the arts.

The exhibition presents some of the art and objects used by activists to raise awareness and influence political change – the importance of this crucial, historical event may be overseen by many, but this exhibition does a great job in conveying the importance of it all. At the centre of this exhibition was a display unit, which was made up of a variety of items such as posters and ephemera used by activists. These items showed that seemingly small steps can make a huge difference. There were some amazing pieces of art too, ones that encapsulated sarcasm and made light of unfortunate situations.Witnessing the discrimination disabled people have faced (and still do today) can evoke strong emotions; it was inspiring to see how they positively portray themselves and the world through these pieces. Despite the exhibition being smaller than first anticipated, the idea that a handful of people made such a significant change within society is truly inspiring. If you are yet to visit this exhibition, get down to the MAC before it finishes on the 22nd March and experience some brilliant, witty artwork by talented people.

With disability budgets still not seeing the funding they need, it is important we are aware of the challenges people face, break down barriers and educate ourselves on inclusion.

To find out more about the Disability Arts Movement at the MAC click here.

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