● 6th April 2022 – MusicNews

Cementing its name on the festival circuit over the past 27 years, Sónar has explored cities Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Istanbul and more.

Now Sónar sets sail in the glorious, musical city of Lisbon, Portugal. Split into day and night events, Sónar’s focus is on music, technology and creativity with talks on the digital realm providing food for the culturally curious.

Sónar By Day will take place in the Sónar Village, a new purpose-built space in the Cais do Sodré area, with the By Night activities happening in the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Coliseu dos Recreios and the Pavilhão do Rio, Lisbon Congress Center.

Over the three day event (8th April – 10th April) the festival will hosts Portuguese acts, Enchufada Na Zona, DJ Niggerfox, Pongo, BLEID and Nídia as well as international acts Arca, Ellen Alien B2B Dr Rubenstein, Thunder Cat, IAMDDB, Nicola Cruz. [Full line up below]

Sustainability is at the core of this edition and the organisers have committing to it being a Green Festival, with the festival measuring it’s ecological footprint and encouraging attendees to think about their impact whilst on site.

Running alongside the music, Sónar+D Conferences take place from midday til 18:00 in Factory Lisbon, with the central idea revolving around sustainability and human rights.

Discussing Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms, the Intersections of Art, Science, Ecology, Sustainability and Climate Change and Creative Technologies and Digital Economy: from Metaverse to Web3 include panelist Jayda G (DJ and Environmental Toxicologist), Bas Grasmayer (COLOURS) and Tupac Mártir (Satore Studio).

Sónar Lisboa 2022 aims to stand at the forefront of culture and will build bridges between artists, citizens and the creative industries – audiovisual, gaming, animation, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and more.”

We hope to discover some new Portuguese acts and come away with a grounding in nightlife culture in Lisboa.

If you’re in Lisbon, look into securing tickets or catch a last minute flight – entry to Portugal from the UK is allowed! 🌞

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