● 17th November 2021 – Music

Fusing genres of electronica and avant psych-pop with subtle shades of jazz, Birmingham based composer and performer Rosie Tee releases her anticipated new EP, Earth, Embrace Me In.

Released on the 1st of October, the six track EP is a departure from Rosie’s previous style of music and introduces fans to a more organic experimental sound, whilst still incorporating elements of her classical music background.

The blend of percussion instruments with dissonant, synth textures creates sounds that represent the unsteadiness of our Earth, paired with Rosie’s imagist lyrics that paint the landscape, this EP spreads an important message about our Earth.

Every track on the EP has the running theme of bittersweetness by highlighting the beauty and darkness of the Earth, which is the main musical inspiration. Track 3, Emerald, encapsulates this perfectly by the mixing of the natural raindrop production with a flowing jazz melody, the song gives off a lucid feeling. Emerald is described as

“a warbling delay of vocals, the track feels calm and free-flowing, like the movement of the ocean, it’s both beautifully graceful and unpredictable.”

Wither, integrates more of a rhythmic jazz melody with ascending notes which Rosie sings at the same pace of giving the song this feeling of going in spiral or as Rosie would describe, “an ever-changing kaleidoscope of sounds. The rise and fall of her melodies are swept up into a pool of shimmering synths, bringing a stunning electronic element to the table.”

Subsequent to Rosie’s 2019 release of Chambers, this new EP couldn’t have been possible without the collaboration between Rosie and her quartet who helped bring the blend of whirling electronica and jazz to life, inviting listeners into Rosie Tee’s world.

Earth, Embrace Me In, is the music of our reality but displayed in a more artistic and comforting style, whilst still spreading an important message.

The distorted production and tranquil instrumentation alone, is enough to keep you engaged from the start of the EP till the end.

Stream and listen to Earth, Embrace Me In on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube, buy the vinyl on bandcamp.

You can purchase tickets to Rosie Tee’s upcoming concerts on her website www.rosietee.uk

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