● 15th July 2022 – Music

Gruelling guitars soar through with the signature Rodrigo riff. Olivia kicks off track one of her Brummie set with hit Brutal and every single line the crowd sang back to their adoring star.

Next up, jealousy, jealousy. Arguable one of the best performances vocally of the night. The band made sure it was played out explosively with energy paired with Olivia’s powerful, desperately intense vocals made this one a treat to hear and to sing along to.

Baby Queen kicked off the evening with hits Dover Beach and Buzz Kill. Bursting with energy and jumping around the stage, she embodies the same quality as stars like Billie Eilish have managed to capture.

Olivia Rodrigo strutting around looking every bit the bad bitch, with confidence that made sure that stage was all hers. A bad bitch, yet gazing at every one of her adoring fans almost like they were friends. Her face said it all, utterly and entirely grateful for every member of the audience.

Once we reached the drivers license part of the night the young crowd were in there element ready to demonstrate their viral TikTok knowledge singing every line with Rodrigo who’s spent the past year making sure she’s earned her place in the music industry.

Although the crowd never faltered for a second throughout the show, this one definitely capture their attention the most and the atmosphere created was sensational.

Olivia made sure to include a few amazing covers on this evening including Avril Lavigne’s Complicated and Ready to Go by Republica.

A night of surprises; who knew this Disney star was such a rock chick?

Olivia, you f**king smashed it.

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