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After cementing themselves as creative powerhouses, Minor Formula and Col8 have announced the opening of their second venture in the Moseley Village.

While the two brands offer different options to their customers, they operate cohesively under the same roof.

A quick scan of the Minor Formula catalogue shows you understated, laidback clothing that provides comfortable, but stylish streetwear. However, a deeper dive into their brand values reveals a beautiful message that encourages you not just to buy into their products, but to grow like the lotus flower.

In their own words:

Undefined by traditions of social normality, you’ll see that most of our designs are an evolution of our motif, the sacred lotus flower. This symbolises an important message for us. The lotus flower grows slowly under and out of the mud, eventually blossoming into something strikingly beautiful despite the harsh environment in which it grew.”

For loyal customers who are used to being able to shop for Minor Formula streetwear and Col8 vintage garments simultaneously, fear not! The creative partnership continues to thrive, and you can still expect to see both housemates at the new location.

For those of you who don’t know, Col8 is the OG supplier of vintage wear. You need new Dickies trousers? They got you. Can’t find that specific Fred Perry piece you want? They definitely can.

If you’re searching for the perfect pieces to elevate your fit, Col8 is where you need to be. To stay up to date with their highly sought after drops, make sure you keep an eye on their website and follow them on instagram @col8store.In addition to fashion, Minor Formula are also key players in cultivating strong bonds within Birmingham’s creative community.

Their ongoing series Unsullied is a diverse string of performances from Birmingham’s best emerging and established talent, spanning all genres. On all fronts, they have demonstrated a clear and focused creative direction which only gets better with time.

The opening of their second store marks a massive milestone for Minor Formula and Col8, and we look forward to the new collections that will be displayed there.

You can catch the official launch party on Saturday 9th October, at a location they have yet to disclose (follow them @minor.formula to find out more).

Aside from being solid brands, Minor Formula x Col8 offers another incentive for launch party attendees: the first 27 guests will be greeted with an exclusive surprise! So if you find yourself in or around the Moseley Village area, make sure you go check them out!


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