● 27th November 2019 – Music

BOM (Birmingham Open Media) is birthed from underground hacker culture and dedicated to creating positive social impact. Their 5th birthday celebration dovetailed beautifully into SHOUT festival.

SHOUT was formed 10 years ago as a direct response to the lack of representation for the LGBTQ+ community in Birmingham venues ⁠— together they created an evening of festivity and diversity.

people enjoying a drink at BOM

Compared by Yshe, the event saw DJs George, Sippin’ T & Joe Robertson, House of Bab and Lady Leshurr perform, for a full spectrum of representation.

The evenings MCYoung DJ

House Of Bab cleared the floor and took up their poses. The beat pumped and their finger’s snapped as they stood poised before owning the catwalk, exiting vogueing through the audience.

Happy faces evening peformanceLady Leshurr at BOM's Birthday

Lady Leshurr’s performance was phenomenal: fierce, five-star grime and full Brum. The low capacity venue did not phase Leshurr – managing to make us feel like she was the lucky one.

Sharing this before the show she says; “Playing smaller shows with my home town family is always a real vibe; especially when we’re supporting people and places that deliver a positive impact on the city, being part of Birmingham’s rise to the top is a privilege.” Leshurr is a talented, humble Brummie and one we’re extremely proud to represent us.

Lady Leshurr at BOM's BirthdayLady Leshurr at BOM's BirthdayLady Leshurr at BOM's Birthday

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