● 9th December 2016 – MusicIn Print

The conditions of inner city life can often turn the hopeful into the hopeless; a viewpoint shared by most people unless you are Wolverhampton based grime artist Vital. Wolverhampton is one of the best-kept secrets in the West Midlands and hidden away inside the city are well kept musical gems.

Vital is and always has been at the forefront of the West Midlands’ underground subcultures, from grime right through to dancehall, Vital remains relevant in every scene. He has the gift of a multi-track mind; at the same time as pushing his own music, he’ll be tipping people off about brand new artists, proving he is quite the tastemaker.

itHis work ethic is that of a hungry rapper destined to break out of his surroundings. Dropping new music for his fans is a monthly, often weekly tradition and across various platforms, a bread-crumb trail of tasty drops can be discovered. Vital hits his stride when rapping within the realm of grime but likes to show off different sides with poppier, dancehall bangers thrown out here and there. Effortless just about sums it up; he’s just as comfortable gassing up a garage joint as he is tearing down a grime instrumental. The unrelenting passion for creative craftsmanship runs in the family, Vital’s brother operates a one-man music video production company that is currently thriving under the name ReadTheTitle. Everyone from Phundo Art to Jinx Touchwood has gotten Title to shoot their videos.

With his mind-boggling rate of track-drops, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Vital simply sits back and lets the plays rack up. Not one to rest on his laurels, Vital regularly jumps up on stages up and down the UK to shell down on anyone and everyone in the room. 2016 has seen Vital perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Birmingham’s MADE festival as well as tearing up sets overseas in the USA. Vital is more than just a man, he is slowly building his presence online with clothing, radio-show hosting and teaching all under his belt. He takes his music stone cold serious but when it comes to social networking, the playful and downright hilarious side of the rapper comes out on full display.

The rebirth of Birmingham’s grime scene has felt with success stories from Lady Leshurr and Jaykae. It only seems right that Wolverhampton is next in line. Powerhouse performances from Vital are now becoming a regular sight at grime raves and club nights, it won’t be long before he’ll have more than just the ends whistling; the world will be watching.

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