● 22nd March 2017 – Music

Last year Molly Mikes pulled up on the Birmingham scene with his breakthrough debut single, ‘A Bit Of Molly’.

With it’s wavy production and the ever so slightly sedated chorus, it proved to be a fitting introduction to the new kid on the block. Hailing from Great Barr in the West Midlands, Molly Mikes spent the latter part of 2016 raging on any stage that would have him; playing carnage-inducing shows in Birmingham, Walsall and Sheffield. After this brief burst of live activity he dropped ‘Molly’s World’, his debut tape that quickly spread via word of mouth soon resulting in every cool kid in the second city bumping it.

‘Molly’s World’ features super-tight, groove-ridden production from Molly’s secretive producer known only as CVK. The pair create punchy, party-starting rap music precision-engineered for every DJ’s peak-time arsenal of tunes. Molly’s style of expression is one that makes sure every bar cuts straight to the point. If you like your rap #woke then keep it moving; Molly Mikes is here get loose and get crazy with anyone and everyone in front of his stages.

2017 began with Molly Mikes joining South African rapper Phundo Art on a tour of the UK, hitting up everywhere from Liverpool to Manchester. The tour inspired anarchy in audiences up and down the UK, proving that the formula that Molly and producer CVK cooked up is a hit with just about everyone but more specifically the ladies. Phundo Art even teamed up with Molly Mikes to lay down the tour anthem ‘3 Stacks’ that sees the rappers coming together to create one hell of a banger.

Molly is already promising a string of singles to come this year alongside more shows across the UK. The London scene is starting to take note too with the likes of Lancey Foux tipping Mikes off to be the next big thing from the West Midlands. Molly doesn’t seem too concerned with hype at all though; this mad man just wants to turn the West Midlands into the West Madlands. And he ain’t stopping with just his home city; the next stop is surely world domination and soon we’ll all be living in Molly’s World.

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