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We love the great outdoors and recognise the health benefits of visiting local parks.

New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Of Science found that people who walked in nature for 90 minutes a day showed a decrease in activity in the region of brain associated with depression.

Whilst not everybody had access to green spaces during lockdown, research shows those who did were more likely to say they “felt calm, peaceful and had a lot of energy” over those who didn’t.

So here they are, handpicked by our team of foliage enthusiasts, eight green spaces in Brum for when you need an energetic boost.

Sutton Park

Sutton ParkWith over 2,300 acres of woodland and heathland to recharge in, Sutton Park is truly a beautiful escape. Allow yourself to be rejuvenated by walks near the wetlands and the seven lakes spanning the region, or soak up the sun in the grasslands. There’ll be no shortage of wildlife to spot while you’re there! Plan your journey today.

Moseley Bog & Joy’s Woods

A combination of wet and dry lands, Moseley Bog was the inspiration behind the ancient woods in Lord Of The Rings. With a scenic pond, gnarled trees and breath-taking bluebells, it’s clear to see why. What better place to reconnect than in the magic of the Moseley Bog? Plan your visit here.

Lickey HillsLickey HillsWe couldn’t list beautiful green spaces in the Midlands without mentioning the infamous Lickey Hills. Its 524 acres of rolling woodland and heathland are a perfect place to clear the mind. Take in the sights from one of their walking trails or play a game of table tennis with a friend. No matter what you do, a day at Lickey Hills is sure to revitalise you. Plan your trip today.

Holder’s Woods

One of Birmingham’s hidden gems, Holder’s Lane is a small strip of woodland just 30 minutes away from Birmingham City Centre. Experience the tranquillity for yourself with a walk through this beautiful spot and discover it’s streams, woods and a small swamp! Plan your route here.

Cannon Hill Park

Canon HillIf you like to be entertained while you relax, the neighbour of Holder’s Lane, Cannon Hill is the place for you. Unwind in one of the 80 acres of Cannon Hill’s formal parks, enjoy the beautiful floral displays in summer or hire a pedalo and paddle about the pond with the ducks and geese! From viewing live theatre, art exhibitions or having some food at the Midlands Art Centre, there’s plenty to help you destress at Cannon Hill Park. Plan your visit here.

BABMAG recommends following the river out of Cannon Hill to find another beautiful, open green space, Pebble Mill Playing Fields.

Canon Hill

Edgbaston Reservoir

Edgbaston Reservoir Edgbaston Reservoir is one of the most serene places Birmingham has to offer, so we thought it deserved a mention. Replenish yourself near the 70 acres of open water, or walk around the reservoir through the strip of woodlands surrounding it. Either way, you’ll love this scenic spot. Plan your route here.

Aston Park

If you prefer to rest in a natural setting with history, look no further. Take it easy at Aston Park, where you can sightsee and discover breath-taking floral displays, the Lady Holte gardens and the historic 17th century Aston Hall. Plan your visit here.

The Leasowes

Famous poet William Shenstone brought his imagination to life when he designed this beautiful landscape in 1763. Spend a day relaxing in one of England’s oldest natural landscape gardens and view his wooded valleys, streams and open grasslands for yourself. Plan your trip now.

So, put on your walking boots / old trainers, grab your thickest winter coat (or a summer jacket… it is England, after all) and go visit some of these beautiful locations.

Between HS2 and new construction sites, Birmingham has lost a lot of greenery in recent years. But we want to encourage you to fight back! 

If you’d like to see more green spaces, be sure to email your local MP urging them to create more parks for us. Find out who your local MP is here.

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