Fish Market BabMag
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Inside the Bullring Fish Market

Good food starts at the market, a truism, applicable to every great food city in the world. It’s…
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DDC: the Rise of the Street Food Vendor

Nestled within the industrial backdrop of Birmingham’s cultural quarter - an area that has seen some prolific development…

The Sushi Wave

Japanese inspired brilliance has brought the wave of Sushi upon Birmingham, a city distant to any nearby shores…
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Inside Chinatown

Chinese food, you’re probably getting bored of it by now. Takeaway sweet and sour pork comes way down…

Bene Culture x Dollar Dim Sum Club

Beneculture of the Custard Factory, still relatively new on the independent shop scene but their rookie status doesn't hold…

Local Focus: Hawker Yard

IN ASSOCIATION WITH YELP BIRMINGHAM REVIEWS / YELP VIBES HERE I’ll set the scene. It’s Friday evening around…

Im New Here: Lobby On Hill Street

So on Thursday night we were invited to try out the very new Lobby On Hill Street promising…
BabMag Kebab
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Kebab Mag Part2

Kebabs come in all shapes and sizes. In the last KeBabMag we had a look at the new…

Goral Vodka at The Edgbaston

If the word “vodka” conjures flashbacks of £5 bottles of Glen’s drank under the cover of darkness, coca…


A quiet drip, drip, drip of rain, mottled sunlight streaming through a leafy canopy... you'd be forgiven for…
BabMg - Kebab
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Kebab Mag

A hunk of beef/lamb/chicken/other meat revolving around a greasy electric spit, every so often the shaver takes a…

A Lost Society x 40 St Pauls

“A storyboard of the effects of Prohibition, as told through our expert food and drink matching. Our journey…
BabMag - Jerk Chicken
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Where’s the Jerk?

There’s a corner of my mind that is always thinking about eating jerk chicken. Hot from the jerk…