● 1st July 2016 – ArtLifestyle

In the wake of Brexit, we have seen a rise in media coverage for those who lean so far right they have to prop themselves up on their skinhead mate. Political parties such as the BNP, EDL and Britain First are once again being highlighted, due to a rise in hate crimes against ethnic communities.

However, this is not a modern-day phenomenon; these fascists, with outdated ideas, are deeply rooted in white history and go back much further than the recent immigration argument. Although the media portrays this movement to be on the rise again they are wrong; we haven’t suddenly gained 17 million mini Heinrich Himmler’s ‘cause they voted leave. As a nation, this ideology is still condemned to the point where most far-right organisations are finding numbers decreasing and the majority are met with counter protests rocking greater numbers and straight up bans by local authorities. We all have freedom of speech and are entitled to our opinions but it doesn’t mean we have to listen. So don’t let racism break the backbone of our nation; together we stand, divided we fall.

We have been sent a series of photos by the photographer, Tommy Sussex from the October 11th 2014 EDL rally in Birmingham, Tommy says he was “surprised at how few EDL turned up and how minimal the response to the event by residents was. I guess it’s good that locals did not dignify these guys with a response and how feeble their numbers looked, makes their movement look like a severe minority viewpoint”.

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