● 4th December 2020 – Music

Out today is a Birmingham link-up that channels the 70’s feel-good era of free love. Born out of jam session between Ella More and Patches, Call Me is a short and jazzy introduction to what beautiful creativity can be achieved when spontaneity is allowed to reign.


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The flower power visuals, dulcet tones and light-hearted humour of the Call Me promo video caught our attention and got us thinking about the homage to the 1970s we’re seeing a resurgence in. A time heralded for its cultural change and psychedelic drug use, juxtaposed with political upset, social disobedience and radical self expression – a familiar story to 2020, we feel.

Needless to say, the full track entitled, Call Me, matches the tight art direction and earthy styling from the independent team.


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Finding her voice whilst being part of a band, Ella More is taking her artistry in a wholly welcomed solo direction. Her faultless, soulful voice chants “call me, call me like you miss me”, oozing siren sass. The beat provides a funky undercurrent to the track, engineering a full shoulder roller.

Through the output of Call Me, the duo explore the familiar love story of second guessing where the other person is at, leaving them wondering if the phone will ring. 

Part of the clothing brand and media outlet Minor Formula, Patches’ verse sees his lyricism develop and inputs well crafted bars on reading Haikus and changing her honorific. Big things to come for these two respectively.

Whisky in hand, we patiently await the fully realised, 70s dreamscape music video that is set to follow. 

Stream Call me on Spotify below.

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