● 7th October 2016 – ArtLifestyle

Tonight Digbeth opens its proverbial creative doors and welcomes us to view artist studios exhibitions and across the area. There will be plenty of booze available at the various locations if you were ever in fear of a dry Friday, so long as you enjoy plastic cups of warm merlot (I ent fussy). Digbeth Dining Club is also on at Spotlight so you can stuff your face and look at art. Winner.

On offer tonight will be Short Circuit, an international touring show curated by Aly Grimes at Stryx, Minerva Works. The exhibition features digital works that are transported to their locations in Birmingham, Venice and Copenhagen via the internet questioning strategies of display and the difference between physical and virtual forms. New media artists have been selected from each host city working in digital art, computer graphics and animation, virtual and augmented reality, internet art, interactive art, video games and 3D printing.


Millennium Point has partnered with Space_Play to create a 3D framed sculpture that will be unveiled tonight from 6.30pm – 8pm to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Beth Kettel: Viscoelastic Muted Contempt [soft applause] will be taking elements of 90’s game shows as a starting point; Beth has created a performance that focuses on ‘gunge’ as a subject and material; the feel of it and the feelings of it. The performance will be 7pm at Eastside Projects.

Over at Grand Union will be Mitra Saboury’s exhibition Pulling WallsHer short videos Stumbling Block, Hardscape and Babyface feature fragmented views of the artist’s face, hands and feet exploring material connections with concrete, clay and domestic environments. Other more intimate videos including Nibblings, Dry Wall and You Complete Me will be screened on a small monitor roaming throughout the atrium during the exhibition. These videos explore exchanges between body, material, object and structure, asking questions about navigation, comfort, consumption and the ways in which we might be enveloped by different kinds of spaces and places.


It’s also your last chance to see The Fall an exhibition by members of the Work Artists’ Collective and Within the Land – a Daphne Francis gallery touring exhibition. The closing evening is taking place at Jubilee Trade Centre from 5-8pm. 

More info can be found here: https://digbethfirstfriday.com/

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