● 13th July 2016 – Music

∆utumn, the self-titled debut EP from rising live UK act Delta ∆utumn

“Progressive and exploratory music is usually confined to being in your Dad’s dusty record collection from the 70s or being appreciated by the select few via painfully hip music blogs. Enter Birmingham’s Delta Autumn who are making progressive and exploratory music that isn’t confined to anything let alone bog-standard genres. They flit through and flirt with a plethora of musical styles throughout their introductory musical offering simply entitled ‘Autumn’.

Their willingness to explore makes their music feel like a door opening and a friendly if somewhat manic voice asking that you step on through. Throughout the short length of the EP you are taken on a whistle-stop tour through the universes of free-form jazz, bleep-fueled electronica and surrealist rap. Legendary rapper Juice Aleem pops up all but once to crank up the vivid imagery. As soon as his guest stint is over you’ll immediately find yourself wondering what a full blown collaborative album between the two might sound like. Delta Autumn are turning the concentrated frown of traditional jazz and hip-hop upside down and showing us how fun they can be. They also show off their musical chops too but who can blame them? These dudes just wanna have fun.” Jack Parker (BBC Introducing)


Smashing hip hop, glitch, pop, rock, jazz and electroacoustic compositional techniques together to create a sound that sits somewhere between James Blake, Flying Lotus and Thundercat, the five-track release is a fresh and welcome addition to the UK’s already exceptional electronic music offering.

Initially conceived as a studio-only project by musician-composer Robbie Moore and producer-engineer Luke Morrish-Thomas, Delta ∆utumn has since expanded to take in guitarist Thomas Seminar Ford and drummer Ric Yarborough, each augmenting their setups with an array of electronics and triggers.

∆utumn comprises of five strongly crafted songs, spanning a multitude of styles: shimmering and climbing arrangements (‘Sabai’), radio-friendly slow-funk (‘Do It Again’), multi-faceted glitch-hop (‘Arp 24.4’), hazy cinematic soundscapes (‘Fold’) and fast and frenetic jazz-rock-rap (‘Citrus Quotes’).

The EP was recorded using a mixture of analogue and digital, processed and acoustic, retro and contemporary techniques at Moore and Morrish-Thomas’ own Flood Studio, located in Digbeth – the beating creative heart of Birmingham, UK.
Delta ∆utumn have performed a handful of exclusive live UK venue and festival shows since inception, and the act has received acclaim to date for a brand new collaboration with respected UK hip hop MC Juice Aleem on final EP track ‘Citrus Quotes’, and for a remix of Charlotte Church’s 2013 single ‘Like A Fool’.

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