● 28th January 2022 – Music

Singer and independent jazz artist, Daisy Houlder, is set to release her expressive, contemporary inspired EP, Until Now, on Sunday 30th January.

Until Now focuses on the challenges Daisy confronted on her journey to womanhood and we have the pleasure of premiering the first live recording from the EP.

Produced in Birmingham, Daisy’s five track offering ranges from dealing with social media and the pressures that come with it, to enduring personal tragedy.

Throughout the various lockdowns, Daisy worked on the project with her pianist, Alex Fergusson and David Birnie on recording and production.

Speaking about Until Now, Daisy says,

“I hope that sharing my deepest and most vulnerable thoughts will allow other young women to realise that they are not alone on their journeys.”

The combination of piano, drums, bass, flugelhorn, and strings submerges you into each song, and soothes you with compelling tones and textures. Eloquent vocals and lyrics, accompanied by enthralling chord progressions and harmonic backing vocals on each track help to paint a picture in the listener’s minds, then put them in Daisy’s shoes with each different story being depicted.

Rainy Day and Until Now have the beautiful ability to evoke a full range of human emotions; from happiness, to despair, to the feeling of a chapter in your life closing as a new one begins.

Rainy Day communicates the significance of having a positive viewpoint on daily life, whilst Until Now recognises a maturing perception of being faced with the illness of a loved one.

Get a taste of Daisy’s soul and elegance in BABMAG‘s premiere of Until Now below.

The themes of this EP will touch the heart of every listener, as the feelings it evokes are universal. Daisy’s ability to establish a connection between her personal path and the experiences of others makes for a deeply enriching and reminiscent EP.

Alongside this release, Daisy will be holding a candid and personal live performance of the EP.

Until Now will be available on all streaming platforms this Sunday. 

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