Word of Mouth Press


Word of Mouth press is a friendship come business that has developed over the past decade, the two friends and partners in crime being; Amerizm and Jack Robbo their artistic origins being graffiti, music production, photography, graphic design and illustration. 

Both having roamed the city’s train tracks night and day with no destination in mind but with the goal of putting their name everywhere they could.

 fast forwarding several years to 2019 this is around the time Word of Mouth Press established  – A lot of vandalism raving misbehaving and beat making had happened leading up this point.

Through this period, they developed a love for graphic design purely for the design itself, the fun of designing in any format became very exciting for them. Combining their devoted passions of the nostalgic 90’s, dark expressive psychedelic artwork and illustrative infusion.

One of their first paid jobs was for DJ T-Cuts on a project alongside Pete Cannon and Jives (shout out the jungle heads)