Nikki Tesla


Nikki Tesla is a Birmingham favourite on the DJ and Radio circuit and long time staple of female and gender minority music community Selextorhood. Displaying just some of her decidedly riotous selections on her own radio shows, she’s best known for her choice of abrasive beats, infectious edits and dynamic percussion. Able to navigate through all branches of electronica, her driving DJ sets and big energy mixes constantly keep you guessing.

Using her platform as radio host across multiple stations and booker for Selextorhood, she actively addresses the deep-rooted gender imbalances prevalent throughout the electronic music scene. By keeping a 50:50 mentality across the shows she creates she brings new meaning to the art of crate digging; giving a voice to the lesser heard artists from across the gender spectrum.

Nikki’s constant drive toward self improvement has led to guest slots on Radio 1,, Reprezent and Rinse FM, and supporting roles alongside world-renowned artists such as Ben UFO, DJ Storm and Eclair Fifi. Further to her radio shows she’s also a key resident for underground party promoters 02:31 and Voyage Events.