Alberto Zamaniego


Alberto Zamaniego Figueroa is a photographer and creative based in Birmingham but born and raised in Baja California, Mexico.

Alberto started working with a production company that happened to have the best off-road  Mexican team as a client and Red Bull was the main sponsor. For 7 years he traveled with the team between Mexico and the USA, covering off-road races in the desert, shooting for Red Bull Mexico, and managing the PR and Marketing for the team. 

Alberto left everything behind in Mexico and moved to the UK, struggling to find a job in photography and even being questioned on the authenticity of his CV purely because of his origins but in this time he developed a second passion, food. Having worked with restaurants taking photos showcasing the beautiful world of culinary arts with a creative and documentary approach.

In 2021 Alberto’s work was published in two books, “Cook with Love” by Enna Lakhani and “Straight outta Cymru” by the crazy genius of burgers Chef Owain Hill, both published by Away With Media.