● 7th May 2020 – Art

Over the past months, we’ve featured topics that’ve been spoken about frequently in the media and among friends. But even articles unrelated to covid-19 have taken on new meanings and are a clear reflection of the way we’re feeling whilst inn quarantine. 

What we’ve taken from this period, thus far, is that we’ve all become somewhat transfixed with the present. We’ve adopted a “take each day as it comes” attitude, leaving little room to negotiate the future. Our minds preoccupied by absent leaders and consequential mistakes.

However, as we enter the next phase and whatever that means, we want you to explore your fantasies and dreams on what could be…

We’re all wondering it. What’s going to happen after lockdown? How will life resume? Will we view the world in the same way or will new ideals be introduced? What are we going to accept as the “new normal”?

BABMAG & KRUCIBLE are challenging you to create a post-corona you-topia. What do you envision?

Build, collage, code, design, write a note, edit a film, draw, we don’t mind.

Just send it in a square format to submissions@babmag.co.uk and we’ll be featuring some of our favourites on our platform.

 You’ve got till Friday 22nd Topians. 👽

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