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Brame & Hamo joined forces and released their first EP, Street Urchin, on Germany’s Dirt Crew recordings in 2014. Since then, the duo from Sligo, Ireland have been making waves with a series of unstoppable releases from their new base in Berlin. Their ability to churn out raw underground music, release after release, has been turning house heads in Europe and beyond, and has gained interest from the likes of Detroit Swindle and their label Heist Recordings. Their music has been shaped by elements of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop and their undeniable sampling skills, which have collectively crafted a unique style and sound.

On 20th May, Brame & Hamo will be making their Birmingham debut at Lab11 for Pagoda. On behalf of BABMAG, here’s a little insight into their world.

pagoda brame

I just wanted to start with saying a massive big up to you guys! Ever since I heard your Splendour & Squalor podcast and the Clockwork EP I’ve been hooked to your sound.

You obviously draw on a really diverse range of musical influences. How would you describe your sound and what influences have been the most defining?

Probably hip hop and jazz. They are the two genres we take inspiration from, a lot more than deep house, I think haha. We would like to think our music sounds like house made in a hip hop fashion.

I’m really into my vinyl, I love getting a new record in the post and the feel of mixing it. My understanding is that you’re both Vinyl heads! What is it about vinyl that’s so special for you?

I think it puts a lot more value on music. If a label is willing to spend a thousand euro on pressing your music on vinyl I think that’s a really cool thing. They obviously have a great belief in your music. Also, the whole thing of going into a record store anywhere in the world and finding a nice record that you wouldn’t have found online is cool.

In your mixes, you play a lot of Hip Hop. Who’s your favourite Hip Hop artist(s) or producer?

Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, De La Soul – all those guys. Also, there is some cool new hip hop coming out of the Uk and Ireland. People like Rejjie Snow, Kojaque, This Side Up and Verb T we are really into.

Recently you’ve made the move from Sligo to Berlin. How are you finding it there and has it had an impact on your productions and progression?

Absolutely, I think the standard here is so high because there are so many DJs and producers that it kind of pushes you to be better all the time. Also, we get more of a chance to see DJs and go to parties here that influences us a lot. At home, we only have the internet so there isn’t a lot of chances for us to see DJs that we don’t know.

In the studio, what’s your most important piece of hardware or software?

We just recently got an MPC 2000xl, that’s really cool. It’s so nice to not have to look at a computer screen when making music.

Every duo has its own dynamic. What roles do you each play in the studio and on the road?

It’s really quite even, to be honest. We always get the bones of a track down on our own and then finish it together. Tiarnan is learning the keys and Hamo is starting to play bass so eventually, we would like to be able to just jam together without any computers.

I saw you recently travelled to Colombia for a gig. What’s the scene like there?

Colombia was great. So cool to see that our music has travelled that far and people like our stuff over there. It was both of our first times outside of Europe so it was really nice. Tiarnan ate a sketchy burger and got really sick though, haha. Keep an eye out for dodgy meat if you ever go over.

If you could collab with anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Hmm… Michael Jackson? haha $$$

Finally, you’re stranded on a desert island armed with only a record player and a good set of speakers – what single record do you take with you? You can have one each.

Brame: “Air – Air” / Hamo: “Nas – Illmatic”

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