● 10th October 2021 – Music

With it being World Mental Health Day today, we felt a song such as Latifa’s latest single, Losing You, should be spoken about.

2020 proved to be a challenging year and it was no different for Latifa who lost her job due to the pandemic. Yet amongst the turbulence, she decided not to give up and put her faith in the music and it’s paid off.

Over the last year, she’s spent time building her name and pushing her music on TikTok, resulting in almost 1 million views and gaining over 50,000 followers.

LatifaLosing You is a dark, yet empowering anthem of encouragement that speaks to those who are newbies when it comes to love or have a misconception of what it is. 

The songstress celebrates being free from the reins of a controlling narcissist, following a previous teenage relationship. Never feeling good enough, she perfectly captures how she was always trying to “change who she was so her lover would like her more” and “face constant mind games and manipulation that played on her insecurities.

Letting go definitely proved to be the key to restoring Latifa’s mental health and it takes bravery to share these experiences. Hopefully these wise words resonate with many of her millennial listeners and continues to make mental health less of taboo subject.

pop princess

“I want young girls to know that they’re beautiful just the way they are and to never dim their light for anyone.”

This is something that resonates throughout the track and goes hand in hand with celebrating the wins but more importantly, learning from the losses. Latifa is living proof of this.

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