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Our personal style is always evolving and it’s easy to understand how the events of the last 24 months may have impacted the way that we navigate the simple act of getting dressed.

The clothing that we reach for and the purpose of our outfits have been in a constant state of flux, but now that we are entering a season that feels more hopeful, we can start to have fun reconstructing our sense of style once again.

The new Bene Culture drop is a bright, reactive and urgent collection that is responding to the isolation that we have all experienced since 2020 and expresses a desire to dive headfirst into a world that celebrates collaboration, culture and community.

Since its inception in 2016, Bene Culture has established itself as a diverse open platform where young creatives in Birmingham can come together and collaborate, network and support each other over a range of exciting creative projects.

Following the launch of its store, Bene has held over 40 events including brand pop-ups, exhibitions, concerts, dining clubs, listening sessions and movie premiers. Their motto, “it’s all good”, represents their mentality, the way they work and the people that they work with. With this in mind Bene has already worked with exciting contemporary brands such as Old Blue Last, Redbull, DASH Water, Tsingtao Visa, and Karhu and soon, Footpatrol.

Bene’s first drop of SS22 offers an exciting yet nostalgic mix of pieces that allow us to reimagine what our style may become in the future, while still connecting us to the sense of fun that first sparked our interest in the world of street style. The core energy of this collection taps into what makes street style such a thrilling world for anyone that uses their style as a form of self-expression.

Created alongside the designer Charlie Soffe, who has recently worked for Heliot Emil, Odunsi and Boiler Room, this collection brings together accents of youth with the tones of the 90s without feeling dated or forced.

One stand out item is the Dog5 Knit Vest, which can easily elevate a more tailored outfit by adding a relaxed and playful energy. Acting as Bene’s take on the recent sweater vest trend, a trend that can be partly attributed to the AW20 collections of Prada, Dior, and Gucci, this piece is fresh and relevant.

Cut in a loose fit style, the Dog5 Knit Vest is a lot more contemporary and cooler than other vests that you may have seen online. The bold stripes and flash of bright green will appeal to those that find their take on street style to be more influenced by punk-inspired subcultures. This piece feels perfect for a transitional wardrobe, and could be easily worn both alone or layered on top of a contrasting shirt.


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Another stand out piece from the collection is the All-Rounder Pants, a baggy, contrast-stitch trouser that taps into the everlasting workwear trend. The popularity of which is rooted in its call for authenticity and belief that fashion is not an exclusive business, but that it is in fact real and should serve the needs of real people that live and work in these items. Something which Bene Culture embodies on every level.

The contrast stitching on this piece nods to a subtle micro-trend that is used to add a modern and refined twist to classic styles that are likely already a staple in your wardrobe and that you feel comfortable styling with existing pieces that you own. Again, this piece has been designed so it can easily integrate into your established style, while offering a new way to explore this fit.

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Bene Culture wants you to have fun exploring a range of different subcultures as you create your outfit, without feeling the need to be defined by just one of them. Following the brand’s core ethos, this collection breaks away from the notion of a singular style to instead reflect their commitment to representing the ever-changing roster of designers they work with, their backgrounds, and the cultures they are a part of. Tapping into the company’s core culture, the range of pieces in this latest drop returns to the idea that whatever your individual street style may be, they will have something for you.

As a whole, this collection feels authentic and unpretentious, much like the creative energy of Birmingham.

In the long term, Bene is looking to further develop the city as a creative hub by continuing to encourage collaborations with people that have diverse creative interests, as well as creating new ways for them to meet and work with each other. With this in mind, the potential of what future collections may hold at Bene Culture is truly limitless.

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