● 19th January 2022 – Food

A study carried out by Oxford University’s department of public health found that eating meat no more than three times a week could save the NHS £1.2billion and significantly reduce deaths from heart disease.

Whether you’re a full time vegan or giving meat a miss for a bit, we’ve compiled a list of the must-try vegan, independent, vegan eateries in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Dirty Kitch

Describing themselves as “your friendly neighbourhood soul joint”, Dirty Kitch in Coventry serves up a wide range of 100% plant-based meals from their homemade seitan wings, available in six flavours, to mac ‘n’ cheese and even creole jambalaya.

Located in the fabulous Fargo Village, Dirty Kitch makes for a great break in between shopping independent.

The Green Unicorn

The Green Unicorn in Fargo Village, Coventry is a 100% vegan supermarket just a stone’s throw away from Dirty Kitch. The shop offers an amazing range of vegan grocery products, with their refrigerated sections boasting a wide range of vegan cheeses, meats and sauces.

It’s the perfect choice for picking up new products to cook at home or even just to grab some snacks for on the go. A nice touch is their zero-waste beauty section in which customers can refill a wide range of products. The shop offers a much more exciting range than most major supermarkets and you get the added joy of shopping at an independent store!

Madame Seitan

Most vegans know that vegan scotch eggs are hard to come by, but Madame Seitan have managed to create exactly that, often available to order for delivery.

Previously based in what was formally the Garden Shed Café in Leamington Spa, Madame Seitan hold pop up events in various venues around Leamington and Warwick, as well as cooking classes. They recently were cooking up gyros, burgers, thali and much more every Tuesday at the Nelson Pub, Warwick. It will be great to see what 2022 holds for them.

The Pod Café

The Pod Café in Fargo Village, Coventry, serves up a wide range of cuisines from wonderful Persian dishes to nut roast with all the trimmings to Sri Lankan sambal. There’s a real community vibe at The Pod and it’s a perfect place for a hearty and warming lunch when you’re craving something warm and homemade.

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