● 4th February 2016 – Art

I probably spend too much time procrastinating on social media, with Instagram been my main vice, on the plus side it’s gives me the ability to find new artists and discover new trends. Whilst scrolling through gym booty and overpriced kicks, I came across @mregfx (Ash Evans). His work has a fresh Cali vibe, looking like it’s straight off the screen of a computer whizz kid from Silicon Valley, yet it’s a pleasure when you find out he is from Birmingham.

What stands out in Ash’s work is his take on modern day popular figures, with the likes of ASAP Rocky, Ice Cube & Stormzy getting his geometric treatment and his 3D logo work where he twists the familiar branding of Nike & Adidas.

How do you choose your subject matter?

It Its whatever inspires me to do something at that current moment, music is obviously a massive inspiration’s whatever inspires me to do something at that current moment, music is obviously a massive inspiration.

What’s your favourite part of the creative process?

Seeing the final result, If I’m not feeling it its probably not going to work. I take many different approaches depending on the outcome, Ive started working in 3D. We have technology now thats going to take things to the next level i.e. 3D printing…

Is there a piece of your work that’s stands out for you or is a little more special that the rest?

Some of my animal pieces, I feel like I captured the emotion well. I chose these subject matters because of the current state of the poaching world. I have been working on a set ready to drop within the next few weeks.

Who has been your biggest inspiration on your creative journey?

Artist wise Shepard Fairey, (OBEY) also my circle of friends. You can’t go wrong if your surrounded by positive people. We out here.



Do you feel Birmingham offers enough prospects of work and exposure, or do you constantly feel the temptation of the big smoke?

I don’t think Birmingham does enough for creatives & musicians, we need more of London’s culture here, ART is definitely overlooked. I’ve been trying to get gallery space for some events, there are definitely some very talented people here in Birmingham and I think we deserve to be put on the map just as much as other places.

Some pretty big hip hop icons have got hyped over your work, how’s that feel?

It feels good, sometimes overwhelming. I work hard to try and put work out regularly sometimes Im pushed back by my own doubt, when people fuck with it, it definitely makes it worth while. Its a good feeling.
What’s on your 2016’s agenda, any big projects you’re working on?

2016’s agenda is work harder, the biggest competition is myself. Ive got a lot going on some things that I’ve been planning for years, hopefully this is the year we get the ball rolling. Ive got a lot of projects still in the process and on going, GVNMNT for instance. Ive managed to score a project with Kendrick Lamar & team which I will reveal in the coming months, a massive leap for me.




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