Pointers & Reminders for Writers

When pitching articles, please submit a working title and subheading that summarises and engages with the core theme of the article.

Use full speech marks when writing “quotes”.

Use italics for emphasis.

Album, EP titles, titles of exhibitions and publications need to be in italics (i.e. Run Come Save Me, The Times), single titles need to be in caps (i.e. Dead Wrong), do not use ‘_____’.

Artists, places, brand’s names can be bold, to draw attention to them when first introduced, if deemed necessary.

Please add hyperlinks to relevant, previous BM articles, or external links to websites or additional reading.

Avoid cliche sayings and phrases – if it sounds familiar to you, please re word it.

Articles should demonstrate an authoritative knowledge of the subject and reflect the editorial policy of BABMAG; culture drivenexplorative and playful.

Articles need to be written with passionaccuracy and share the original voice of BABMAG.

We recommend that writers familiarise themselves with our online and hard copy writing as a guide to the style of writing we encourage. Previous printed issues can be found here.

All work should be thoroughly proof-read before submitting — checking for spelling, grammatical, stylistic and factual errors.

Article Formatting

The opening sentence, or two, of your post should be set to Heading 3, which will display like this automatically. This is your opening statement and needs to make people read the whole piece.

Then, your second paragraph should be set to a Heading 4 tag.

This is your Paragraph copy, aka the rest of your article, aka main body of text.

Article Image: Use captions when uploading an image into the Media Library to credit artists. Size: 800px wide

Image Sizes

Featured Image

W:400px / H:267px [72dpi]

Header Image

W:1200px / H:800px [72dpi]

Article Images

[Facebook pulls article images from the main body of text and uses it as the ‘preview’ photo on FB]

W:800px (Height relevant to image) [72dpi]


To ensure that content is displayed correctly and page load time is kept to a minimum, please ensure media is provided as stated above.

If you need assistance, please send images to us before uploading them to the ‘Media Library’. If you have any issues relating to article formatting and/or would like your images treated, please send queries and content to:

+44 (0) 7769 226 028