● 8th May 2019 – Art

Former BABMAG issue four cover star, Melting Pot resident and chatty bloke, Alexander Rhys, will be exhibiting his first solo show at his artistic home.

The new creative, co-working studio, desk space and workshop; the Melting Pot will transform the Void area into a fully functioning art space for Alexander’s show where he’ll be displaying an entirely new collection, alongside t-shirt and tote bag prints of his work.

Describing the Melting Pot Alexander says; “It’s a great place, it’s kind of, all these different ideas. All these different interior designers, architects, furniture designers, painters. We have all have different practices, but somehow they bounce off each other.”

BABMAG will be there repping the mag, Alex’s impulsive pieces and ultimately his feelings towards our city: “I think Birmingham at the moment is very underrated. It’s got this kind of rawness about it – somebody needs to pick up on these smaller details of the rawness and nurture it.”

We hope that this collaboration will be the beginning of many, picking up where we left off, in the continued quest to give Birmingham the care and creative nutrients it needs.
Watch the video we made on Alexander Rhys ahead of his show and get down to the Melting Pot, Meriden Street for the opening on the 24th May at 7pm.
It will be then be open daily from 9am-8pm until the 29th May.

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