Voice of the Streets: Janel Antoneshia


Coffee in Suburbia with Joe Corfield


Chicken and Reflection with Jaykae

Nikki Tesla

BABMAG MIX 003 ● Nikki Tesla

Known by the pseudonym Nikki Tesla, this DJ glides over the decks meticulously selecting tracks and crafting progressive,…
Echo Juliet babmag

BABMAG MIX 002 ● Echo Juliet

Emily Jones spins feel good afro, latin and jazz grooves as well as dancefloor-filling funk and disco. We…
Janel Antoneshia

Voice of the Streets: Janel Antoneshia

Janel Antoneshia has the capability to captivate anywhere. On a warm, but overcast morning she lights up Café…

Om Unit on Artistry Ahead of his Listening Sessions Appearance

Om Unit, a man who throughout his extensive career has dedicated his time to underground hip-hop and bass…

Alexander Rhys Solo Show at the Melting Pot

Former BABMAG issue four cover star, Melting Pot resident and chatty bloke, Alexander Rhys, will be exhibiting his…

MoHo x BABMAG May 4th

We're no strangers to shaking a leg at Moschino Hoe, Versace Hottie and we're fully aware of how…

Birmingham is not showbiz at all.
It's like Detroit, It's our Detroit.

Tonga Balloon Ganag BabMag

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Joe Corfield Birmingham

Coffee in Suburbia with Joe Corfield

Tucked away in the unassuming surroundings of Bromsgrove lives Joe Corfield; a self-taught producer putting out loopy, sample…
Romo Weeks BABMAG

BABMAG MIX 001 ● Romo Weeks

Romo Weeks is one of MoHo’s longest standing residents, notorious for getting the room going with her expansive…

Chicken and Reflection with Jaykae

With a string of successful releases, collaborations with the likes of Murkage Dave and Skepta, and a voice…
Molly Mikes BABMAG

Introducing: Molly Mikes

Last year Molly Mikes pulled up on the Birmingham scene with his breakthrough debut single, 'A Bit Of…

Introducing: Scorpz

In the same way that certain US Rap stars have begun talking up UK Grime artists; the London…
Fish Market BabMag
FoodIn Print

Inside the Bullring Fish Market

Good food starts at the market, a truism, applicable to every great food city in the world. It’s…
Lily Wales BabMag
ArtIn Print

Lily Wales: The Art of Collage

Imagine an artist who specialised in photography but went through their entire BA degree without taking a single…

Smashin Brum: Our Graffiti History in Print

Ahead of the Smashin Brum book release this Friday at the Wagon and Horses in Digbeth we caught…
Chu3d BabMag
ArtIn Print

Chu: Ways of Seeing

Pareidolia, the name given to the way the brain will interpret and find patterns in shapes where there…
FoodIn Print

DDC: the Rise of the Street Food Vendor

Nestled within the industrial backdrop of Birmingham’s cultural quarter - an area that has seen some prolific development…
ArtIn Print

Louis Sidoli: Neon Artist

Louis Sidoli creates iconic portraits with neon elements all encapsulated within a wood and aluminium bespoke frame to…
skru club babmag

Venue Preview: [ scru:club ]

Located within the historic foundations of the old Philips screw factory in Digbeth - and inspiration for the…

Refuge Boogie

Born out of a desire to contribute to charities battling the biggest humanitarian crisis since the second world…

PMT Festival

Under the curve of a Digbeth tunnel on March 11th, a few short days after International Woman’s Day,…
Rob Lowe
ArtIn Print

Rob Lowe on Brutalism

Robert Low is a London based photographer who photographs architecture and sports imagery. His career started as an…

Temper’s Monochromatic Timeless Collection

Temper’s latest collection honours personalities we have lost over the years, some recent, some not. All painted with…

The Sushi Wave

Japanese inspired brilliance has brought the wave of Sushi upon Birmingham, a city distant to any nearby shores…

Jorja Smith at The Sunflower Lounge

The Sunflower Lounge has forever been one of Birmingham's best live music venues simply because of it's glorious…

BABMAG x PROVIDE Collaborative Tee

To mark the launch of our latest issue of BABMAG we collaborated with another supporter of independent culture…
Musical Youth - BabMag
MusicIn Print

Pass the Dutchie: An Interview with Dennis Seaton

“Pass the dutchie on the left-hand side…” lyrics impossible to say without singing the number one tune from…
MusicIn Print

Introducing: Franklin Armstrong

2016 has been a phenomenal year for rap music. The speed that bright young things have been able…
MusicIn Print

Introducing: Vital

The conditions of inner city life can often turn the hopeful into the hopeless; a viewpoint shared by…

Custard and Crumble

We talk a lot about independents, artists, movers and shakers here at BabMag HQ; we pride ourselves on…
Bikelife Birmingham BabMag
In Print

Bikes Up Knives Down: Birmingham Bikelife

Over the past decade or so, social media has allowed for niche, isolated subcultures to go global, and…
Gvnmnt BabMag
FashionIn Print

Getting to Know GVNMNT

Born out of Birmingham’s inner city, GVNMNT Clothing Co’ encapsulates the struggles of the second city in anarchic…
FoodIn Print

Inside Chinatown

Chinese food, you’re probably getting bored of it by now. Takeaway sweet and sour pork comes way down…
Alexander Rhys BabMag
ArtIn Print

An Interview with Alexander Rhys

Alexander Rhys is bringing the abstract expressionist movement back with a bang, his vibrant canvasses explode with colour…
Laura Tinald BabMag
ArtIn Print

Laura Tinald’s Female Forms

Laura Tinald is a hot young thing with an inky paintbrush. Her illustrative style is influenced by iconic…
Zooki Graffiti BabMag
ArtIn Print


For three decades Zooki has been a major part of the Birmingham graffiti scene, helping to shape it…
Provide Shop BabMag
FashionIn Print

Provide’s Best of Brum Store

In Birmingham, business success lies within finding a niche and providing a service that fills a void. In…

From the Studio to the Booth with O’Flynn

Hailed as Birmingham’s biggest show this side of 2017, Shadow City and Leftfoot have put their heads together…

Listening Sessions 3rd Birthday

Introduce yourselves to BabMag! T: Hello BabMag! I’m Tom, otherwise known as Elkie. I’m a DJ and producer…

Leftfoot presents Cinematic Orchestra

Riding the wave of the release of their single ‘To Believe’, the Cinematic Orchestra’s Europe-wide tour comes near…

Bene Culture x Dollar Dim Sum Club

Beneculture of the Custard Factory, still relatively new on the independent shop scene but their rookie status doesn't hold…

Ed Geater Ep Launch

The pools of music influential to Ed Geater is varied at least, confusing at most; folk, electronica, hip-hop,…

Local Focus: Hawker Yard

IN ASSOCIATION WITH YELP BIRMINGHAM REVIEWS / YELP VIBES HERE I’ll set the scene. It’s Friday evening around…

Im New Here: Lobby On Hill Street

So on Thursday night we were invited to try out the very new Lobby On Hill Street promising…
babmag carhartt

Le Lieu Live Presents JMSN

The word 'Le Lieu' originates from French meaning 'The Place' or 'The Location'. Le Lieu started on the…

Digbeth First Friday October 2016

Tonight Digbeth opens its proverbial creative doors and welcomes us to view artist studios exhibitions and across the…
MusicIn Print

Mike and Dave Talk Tonga Balloon Gang

Between 1994 and 2011 Mike Skinner was the spearhead of a now iconic movement with The Streets, combining…
Bunny Warren for BabMag
MusicIn Print

Introducing: Bunny

How did you spend your teenage years? Birmingham based beat-smith Bunny spent his attending parties, throwing parties and…
BabMag - Imbue
ArtIn Print

Imbue’s Mischievous Art Form

Imbue has become something of a household name around Birmingham recently, his subverted adverts, posters and religious icons…
BABMAG - Jaykae
MusicIn Print

Jaykae, where have you been?

...The question on everyone’s lips when it comes to Birmingham grime artist Jaykae. After a short amount of…
MusicIn Print

Introducing: Lauren Ralph

Lauren Ralph AKA Caribbeden AKA Eden Hall depending on what social network you follow him on (and let's…
BabMag Kebab
FoodIn Print

Kebab Mag Part2

Kebabs come in all shapes and sizes. In the last KeBabMag we had a look at the new…
Glenn Anderson - BabMag
ArtIn Print

Building and Burning Sculptures with G-Anders

G-Anders known to some as Ouch and to others as Glen Anderson is an artist who style covers…
ArtIn Print

Kate Hook Talks Creative Processes

Kate Hook is a 26-year-old photographer based in Birmingham, currently studying Film & TV Production at Staffordshire University.…
BabMag - One-Eyed Baz
In Print

One-Eyed Baz

The majority of red-blooded males have ended a night with a straightener.  Lashed out after seeing red. Animal…
Leftfoot BabMag
MusicIn Print


The year 2000 when everyone thought the Y2K virus would create chaos in computer systems and cause a…

MADE Festival

Made Birmingham is now in its third year, the inner city festival has gone from strength to strength…

Delta Autumn

∆utumn, the self-titled debut EP from rising live UK act Delta ∆utumn "Progressive and exploratory music is usually confined…

BABMAG Selects 4th-10th July

Friday 8th July Hankks @ The Sunflower Lounge Remember those days when you adorned a trilby, skipped on…

Civilians by WE ARE FEED

Civilians explores the effect living in modern Britain has had on our experiences. Civilians shows new work by…

Far Right Birmingham

In the wake of Brexit, we have seen a rise in media coverage for those who lean so…

BABMAG Selects 23rd-25th June

SKIT kicks down the doors of The Sunflower Lounge (metaphorically and politely) this Thursday to start a party…

Goral Vodka at The Edgbaston

If the word “vodka” conjures flashbacks of £5 bottles of Glen’s drank under the cover of darkness, coca…


SA$$ are an alternative pop 5 piece originally from Birmingham currently based out of North London made up…


A quiet drip, drip, drip of rain, mottled sunlight streaming through a leafy canopy... you'd be forgiven for…

Grand Union by Prem Sahib

Exhibition review – Grand Union by Prem Sahib curated by Kim McAleese. Working alongside various collaborators and curator…
ArtIn Print

Phill Blake

Artist, illustrator, and designer now based in Oxfordshire working in a variety of media from spray paint to…
BabMg - Kebab
FoodIn Print

Kebab Mag

A hunk of beef/lamb/chicken/other meat revolving around a greasy electric spit, every so often the shaver takes a…
BABMAG - Joe Lycett
In Print

Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett is an increasingly successful, Birmingham bred stand-up comedian, whose credentials include 8 of 10 Cats Does…
Phundo Art for BabMag
MusicIn Print

Introducing: Phundo Art

The West Midlands is a melting pot of cultures that co-exist rather than clash; enter into this mix…
BabMag London Vagabond
ArtIn Print

The London Vagabond

Kieron Cummings, better known as The London Vagabond is a UK based street photographer who takes visceral portraits and…
BABMAG - Andrew John Smith
ArtIn Print

Andrew John Smith

Several train stops out of the city center, you will find Painted Lady tattoo parlour in Northfield, Birmingham,…
BabMag - sox
MusicIn Print


A 2014 MOBO nominee, who’s spent time learning his craft under the Boy Better Know label. A unique…
BabMag - Elizaeth Ilsley
ArtFashionIn Print

Elizabeth Ilsley

The modern world has become considerably more gender equal since woman gained the vote in 1928, but there…
BABMAG - Lady Sanity

Introducing: Lady Sanity

Don't fret too much if you've not heard Lady Sanity's music. She's a bit of a cult-concern round…
BabMag - Nick Smith
ArtIn Print

Nick Smith

His background in fine art, interior design and past work on dazzle patterns leads to a running theme…
BABMAG - Adam Shelton
MusicIn Print

Adam Shelton

Adam Shelton has shaped Birmingham’s electronic music scene bringing it from the dance floor death bed in 2005…

BABMAG Selects 30th May-6th June

The Olympics are only a few months away, the torch has been lit and Birmingham has caught the…

Asics x Carhartt GLIII Custom

Asics X Carhartt GLIII A few months ago I approached Matty Cole, a custom sneaker designer. I enquired…

BABMAG Selects 23rd-29th May

Another bank holiday and even more events than it’s humanly possible to attend! But rest assured, BabMag x…

Space Play’s Brutal Brum

Many of Birmingham's buildings gracing our skyline, welcoming us in to the city have split views on the…

BABMAG Selects 16th-22nd May

BabMag Selects Monday 16th May Friday, oh Friday. The day when shifts roll into high spirts and being…

Getting to Know Brame and Hamo

Brame & Hamo joined forces and released their first EP, Street Urchin, on Germany’s Dirt Crew recordings in…

Skepta’s Konnichiwa Comes to the 0121

I’m not going to lie to you, I grew up in a middle-class suburban haze of Land Rovers…

BABMAG Selects 9th-15th May

Brum has all the genres on offer this week; from grime to gangster hip-hop, chill-out to two step.…

BABMAG Selects 3rd-8th May

With the weather set to be pretty sunny till Saturday and last weekend’s antics finally over, it’s time…

A Lost Society x 40 St Pauls

“A storyboard of the effects of Prohibition, as told through our expert food and drink matching. Our journey…

BABMAG Selects 25th April-2nd May

Five days, seven venues and a limited amount of sleep. Birmingham is hosting another ridiculous line up of…

sneaks&peaks Edition 8

  It is has been nearly one month since sneaks&peaks landed with their 8th episode at the new…

Swingamajig 2016

On May 1st Digbeth is set to be transformed into a carousel of festive delights as Swingamajig rolls…

The Joseph McDermott Approach

Joseph McDermott is a 21 Year old Graphic & Media Design Student from Kingswinford currently residing in Peckham.…

Dan Flavin at Ikon Gallery

Dan Flavin’s exhibition It is what it is and it ain’t nothing else opened last night at Ikon…

BABMAG Selects 11th-17th April

The words on everyone’s lips “rave in a cave is postponed.” However, it’s probably for the best, who…

Harvey Sutherland at the Hare & Hounds

High spirits and bopping beats, it was a night of grins, chuckles and teeth. The mood was set…

BABMAG Selects 4th-10th April

Quality over quantity is what they say and this week Birmingham is exercising this maxim to the max.…

BABMAG Selects 28th March-3rd April

If you’re feeling a little ‘under the weather’ and going back to work yesterday was a struggle, this…

BABMAG Selects 21st-27th March

It’s here. The week overdrafts and paracetamol are made for. The first bank holiday of the year and…


Having been a fan of Filfury's work for some time, and seeing his work on many campaigns by…


With back-to-back solid collection releases, Birmingham based Dark Circle are a leading influencer on the street wear scene. Their crafted…


Geometric animals, cosmic inspired murals, fallen legends portraits, and psychedelic mysticism all make up Annatomix works of art.…

BABMAG Selects 16th-19th March

The sun has put its hat on and it’s finally starting to feel like spring. With new found…
MusicArtIn Print

An Interview with Goldie, MBE

For issue one with decided to approach an artist that's a true icon of ours and a pioneer…
ArtIn Print

Gent 48

Known for his character based murals, Gent48 is a mixed media artist who has painted around the world…
MusicIn Print

Introducing: OG Horse

Usually, the veil is lifted on any artist attempting to master the art of the low key. However,…
MusicIn Print

Introducing: Jorja Smith

Think about the West Midlands town Walsall and what springs to mind? For me it's the fact that…
BabMag - Jerk Chicken
FoodIn Print

Where’s the Jerk?

There’s a corner of my mind that is always thinking about eating jerk chicken. Hot from the jerk…
BabMag - Dark Circle
FashionIn Print

Drop in at Dark Circle HQ

With back-to-back solid collection releases, Birmingham based DarkCircle are a leading influencer on the streetwear scene. Their crafted…
BabMag - Zoot
ArtIn Print

Studio Visit at Seven9signs

From casual lettering to gold gilded windows, you would have to walk around Birmingham with your eyes closed…
BabMag - Tom Bird
ArtIn Print

Chernobyl or Tokyo. Getting to know Tom Bird

Tom Bird is a visual photographer, taking on commissioned projects as well as photographing immersive spaces in Birmingham…
babmag - trains
ArtIn Print

A Brief History of the Art Crime

The world of train painting is a complex and strange one, a legendary world within worlds whose core…
BabMag - Wear
FashionIn Print


10 minutes outside Birmingham, far from the Footlockers, JD’s and Size? Birmingham’s only independent sneaker store resides. Swap…

Midlands Cosplay

Hands up if you wanted to be a superhero when you were a kid. Who ran around the…

Wicked Streets of Brum

Wicked Streets of Brum – Varna Road, Janet Mendelsohn Janet Mendelsohn’s collection of photos have not been seen…

sneaks&peaks: April 2nd ’16

Set in the post-industrial backdrop of Digbeth, Birmingham’s creative quarter, sneaks&peaks returns for its inner city lifestyle festival.…

Katie Tomlinson

We get to see Birmingham's thriving independent scene through the illustrations of Katie Tomlinson. Her interpretation of Birmingham latest…

New Art West Midlands

New Art West Midlands does exactly what it says on the tin. Local galleries will be showcasing new,…

Richard Woods: Duck Weave

Richard Woods – “Duck Weave” is the latest exhibition being held at Eastside Projects in Digbeth, Birmingham, kicking…

Ash Evans: @Mregfx

I probably spend too much time procrastinating on social media, with Instagram been my main vice, on the…

Fiona Banner: Scroll Down and Keep on Scrolling

Ikon recently held the exhibition by Fiona Banner between 10 October 2015 – 17 January 2016. I visited…