MoodFix Presents Auntie Flo’s Remix Tour with Mark E


MoodFix Presents Auntie Flo’s Remix Tour with Mark E

MoodFix Presents Auntie Flo’s Remix Tour with Mark E

Today is the day that Auntie Flo makes his Birmingham debut at the Hare & Hounds, alongside brummie mainstay, Mark E. Capacity is limited to 100 heads, so it’s set to be an intimate affair with only few tickets remaining.

To give Birmingham a taste of what’s to come, on behalf of MoodFix we are giving away a free download of Mark E’s killer low-slung remix of Auntie Flo’s ‘Mandala In Space’. 



In 2015 the Glaswegian released his award winning debut full-length album, ‘Theory of Flo’ which has been remixed by a number of artists including brummie favourite, Mark E. Flo will being playing in a number of cities inviting remixers along the way.

Auntie Flo is a central figure in dance music known for fusing electronic and world influences alongside the likes of Daphni, Four Tet & Romare. His own label, ‘Highlife’ launched the ‘Highlife World Series’ featuring collaboration’s made in locations like Cuba, Kenya and Uganda, fusing traditional instrumentation with modern productions technique. He’s also a third of Autonomous Africa alongside Midland and JD Twitch, a label releasing new music from the African diaspora.

Flo’s DJ appearances include Panorama Bar, Trouw, Fabric, D-Edge and former residencies at Glasgow’s Sub Club and London’s Plastic People. So needless to say, MoodFix are quite pleased to add The Hare & Hounds to that list…


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