Forward x Loose Lips


Forward x Loose Lips

Forward x Loose Lips

After the roaring success of Forward x Loose Lips #1, both crews are back this Friday, collaborating to bring Cologne’s Damiano Von Erckert, and Sao Paulo’s Afrozoid to the Midlands for the first time! Kicking off from 2100 at The Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, the party, if anything like the last, will be filled with crazy dance moves, laughter and ridiculously good tunes! ‘Loose Lips’ are a crew with projects around the UK, and Forward are a new collective focused very much on the talent present in the ‘second city’. Together, it seems they’re bringing the best of both worlds to the Midlands…local talent and international debuts. If they continue to focus on bringing artists with the calibre of Henry Wu, Damiano Von Erckert & Afrozoid, then this can only be a great thing for Birmingham.


For those of you who haven’t heard of Damiano and AVA Record’s special growth, you have all the more reason to head down on Friday! With a love for the golden era of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s funk, house and soul, his sets showcase a rare ability to reach back, relish and recreate classic elements, diverting away perhaps from traditional house orientated means. Whether it’s his story-telling mixes, the meticulous hand-drawn artwork of his label, or the attitude he brings to the decks, there is a real precision and energy in all his output.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, they have Phabian Edward from Afrozoid making his UK Debut, bringing a grittier style to the line-up. Currently on tour from Brazil, Afrozoid are brothers who formed a musical duo in 2013, rescuing old influences of 90s House and Techno. The main idea of the project is to utilise all the knowledge that both of them had in the past as DJs, when they played at underground parties in the 90s. Coming with a combination of groovey and dark sounds, their productions are are influenced by the likes of Cassius, Prodigy, ALTERN8 & 808 State.

With both of these headliners, and two reputable local acts in Jack Barber & Rhys Ponsonby, we have a very special night ahead of us…

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